Tiropahi Tram Track

Tiropahi Tram Track

 Grade 3+

3-5 Hours

25 km loop



Tiropahi Tram Track is posted 8km south Charleston on highway 6.


Track Summary:

The car park is right next to the tiropahi river.


Ride north on highway 6 for 5 km, then turning right onto four mile road. Follow old forestry roads inland for 12km. Make your way through the roads and turn right at all four intersections.

The track has a few ups and downs but the road slowly becomes a four-wheel drive track before dropping down to the edge of a pakihi swamp and a orange triangle marker. From this orange marker there are two ways to go.

1. The orginal way was to continue along the forestry road for 1km then turn left at a plastic bag ( It now has a purple track marker and yes there is a plastic bag there. ) then drop down to the tiropahi track. This is the best way but has become overgrown in some parts.

2. The new way is to follow the orange triangles across the swamp. This involves a bit of walking but no gorse bashing. This also leads to the track and is the easier option.

The Tiropahi Tram Track heads past a track sign, there are a few deep wash outs to walk but the terrain gets easier as you go. After 4km you will have to cross the tiropahi/four mile river (Dangerous in Flood) The car park is on the other side.


Track Conditions: 20% Sealed Road, 50% Forestry Road, 25% Single Track, 5% Unridable.



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